Reveal the Magic Canva Magic – Making Design Easy and Fun

Canva is a place that helps you create eye-catching designs and graphics easily, even if you’re not a
professional designer. It offers templates and simple tools to make things like posters, social media
images, presentations, and more. Canva makes design accessible and fun for everyone!
Canva has been a huge help in the field of making things seem attractive. Canva now has an amazing
a feature called Canva Magic.

What’s Canva Magic?

It’s a design magic wand! Imagine if making things look awesome was as easy as saying “abracadabra.”
Well, that’s kind of what Canva Magic does. It’s a special thing in Canva that helps you make your
designs look according to your liking. It’s like a superpower for your creativity!

Features Canva Magic Brings

  • Brainstorm and generate new ideas: This will assist you in coming up with ideas and topics
  • Short text generation: With a few prompts, you may create any brief content, such as social media headlines, profile profiles, product descriptions, and more.
  • Long form Text Generation: Create high-quality long form material for blogs, sales emails, tales, and more in a flash. You will notice a speedier writing process.
  • Continue writing: Allow Magic Write to continue creating the rest of the material while you search for words and ideas in the middle of a sentence. Highlight your existing content, add a few prompts, and Magic Compose will compose the next sentences for you.
  • Create outlines: Al’s writing assistant, Magic Write, can help you easily develop outlines for articles, blogs, and essays, as well as better structure any content.
  • Make lists: Al’s writing tool allows you to create lists ranging from pros and drawbacks to marketing plan lists, allowing you to focus on writing better and faster.
  • Headline Generator: Uses the terms you select to make catchy headlines and taglines for your blog, article, essay, tale, and more.
  • Paragraph Generator: This generates full paragraphs in your desired tone or voice for blogs, articles, short stories, and other types of content.
  • Rewrite Tool: A tool that allows you to quickly and easily rewrite any content.
  • Magic Shortcut: A keyboard shortcut for any type using our custom/Magic Shortcut.
  • Paraphrasing Tool: An Al-powered paraphrasing tool that rephrases and rewrites any content, so you can edit and turn any content into a unique paragraph
  • Summary Generator: This is an Al-enabled text summary tool that extracts relevant key words from any piece of content, giving you a shorter and more understandable version.

How to use the CanvaMagic: Everyone Can Be a Design Pro

Canva Magic doesn’t take away your creativity – it enhances it. It’s like having a buddy that helps you
make your ideas look even better. Follow these steps to create a perfect design:

Create a design or open an existing design.

  • Select the ‘Canva Assistant’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also type to open the Canva Assistant shortcut. In your Canva document, select the + icon.
  • Enter or describe the desired text. For example, “3 tips for a healthier lifestyle.” The more precise details you provide, the better result will generate. Make sure to add relevant keywords in your sentences.
  • Press Enter when you are satisfied. And just like magic, your text will appear.
  • Finally, correct and edit the text according to your needs. When you’re ready, finalize and share your design.

What are the limitations of Magic Write?

Be careful when generating text using Magic Write.

  • Use updated information only until mid-2021. This means that some of the generated text may contain outdated information so make sure you do your research.
  • Instructions come only from text you type or use in your document. The more context and direction you provide the better results you will get.
  • Incorrect or non-unique text may be generated.
  • The input limit is maximum 1500 words and the output limit is approximately 2000 words. This means that the generated text may be reduced in the middle of sentences.


With Canva Magic, making things look great is like having a magic wand. Boring stuff like editing and
fixing becomes easy, and you can focus on making things look fantastic. It’s like Canva’s way of saying,
“Hey, you can make awesome stuff, and I’m here to help!” So, go ahead, try out the magic, and see how
your designs can be totally enchanting!

In the fast-paced digital world Mean3 is excited to explore the world of Canva magic. Mean3’s core
strength lies in delivering visually engaging content to its audience. Canva Magic aligns perfectly with
this objective by offering instant image enhancement, making even the simplest images pop with
vibrant appeal. This enhancement tool saves time and effort, ensuring that Mean3’s visuals consistently
resonate with their audience.

By incorporating Canva Magic, Mean3 can achieve a more consistent brand identity, engage its audience
with captivating visuals, and ultimately solidify its position as a design-savvy industry player.