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Technology has become integral to the world. That’s why Mean3 has invested time and skill to stay one step ahead of these progressive times. Beliefs, ideas, awareness, communities and even purchasing decisions are made because of digital content and the influencers behind them. Our biggest mission is to bring the brands to the people and the people to the brands. Our goal is to represent your brand in an influential fashion via some of the biggest personalities. Contact us to align your goals with the quintessential direction to elevate your brand

Why Choose Mean3 for Influencer Marketing


A part of our core function is ensuring that the influencers our clients work with are reputable, a good fit and have valuable engagement rates and that they’ll be effective in creating quality content that meets the brand standard.


It’s important that campaigns are targeted and that they’re reaching their intended audiences in the best way possible. We aid brands in determining the ideal audience and in selecting which social channels it should use to get a campaign message to the intended audience. We also establish publishing schedules, making sure that influencer assets are used effectively in order to maximize returns.


Briefs help influencers become a part of the collaborative process that’s essential to influencer marketing by giving creative guidance and outlining key messaging, talking point and goals for the campaign.


A critical part of our work is making sure that the details are handled well. Rate negotiations, contracts, content review (for quality and compliance with brand regulations) and campaign reporting & optimization are indispensable to the overall success of a campaign, providing value and insight to a brand even after it’s completed

Why Influencer Marketing

Build trust & expand reach into influencer followers

Strengthen brand messaging through authentic endorsements

Influencer consumer buting decisions

Reach more engaged and better qualified audiences

Reach higher ROI

Elevate Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

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