How Mean3 Used ODAX Facebook to Optimize the Campaign

Meta constantly improves the Ad experience for its users to ensure your campaigns reach the utmost potential and efficiency. The latest addition to the Meta Ad experience is ODAX – Outcome Driven Ad Experiences. The Mean3 digital marketing team, with a deep understanding of the feature, is here to help you understand how ODAX may benefit you to target, optimize, and convert your potential customers.

6 Segments of Facebook’s ODAX (Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences) Campaign

Previously, there were 11 campaign objectives which have been further streamlined into 6. Each objective has its optimizations, as opposed to the three sales funnel options. ODAX’s new outcome-driven objectives are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Traffic
  3. Engagement
  4. Leads
  5. App promotion
  6. Sales


Awareness Objective of ODAX Facebook Campaign

The awareness objective is to target individuals at the top of the funnel, who are most likely to remember your message. This is a blend of previously listed ‘reach’ and ‘brand awareness’ objectives on ads manager. This update is beneficial to introduce your brand, product, or service to a new market. Moreover, further optimizations can be made in impressions (delivering ads as many times), reach (delivering ads to the most number of people), and ad recall lift (delivery of ads to the maximum number of people who will recall your ad). Along with custom frequency which can be set according to the awareness level of the audience.

Facebook Campaign With ODAX Using the Traffic Objective

Traffic is a relatively unchanged objective. Its standard approach is to influence the purchase decision of prospective customers. This drives the usual traffic towards your desired location such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, a website, or an app. Further optimizations for optimal delivery can be made with landing page views (delivered to redirect customers to desired pages), link clicks (delivered to the maximum amount of people most likely to click on your ad), impressions (delivered to the most number of people as many times as possible) and daily unique reach (ads delivered a single time a day). However, at the cost level, multiple bid strategies cannot be chosen but an optional cost control can be set at the ad level. Which gives a certain level of control on the cost per result and getting the most results out of the set budget.

 Facebook Campaign With ODAX Using the Engagement Objective

This campaign objective is quite unambiguous. It focuses on the overall engagement of certain content which contributes towards more likes, video views, messages, or overall event responses. In the previous version of ad manager, this objective contributed only towards in-app engagement. Whereas, now it covers the overall page and necessary content management, which is best intended for kickstarting targeting and conversions. So this contributes to 5 options on the ad level, on your ad (event response, post engagement, and video views), messaging apps, app, website, and Facebook page. Therefore, the optimization level is dependent on the desired conversion location and lets you similarly, like the traffic objective, set an ad level cost control level which is optional for the desired pay per result

 Facebook Campaign With ODAX Using the Leads Objective

This is a useful objective to collect relevant leads for your brand or business. Previously, Facebook only covered phone calls, instant forms, and automated chats under this objective. Whereas, whereas ODAX has a wider approach with sources from apps, messenger, calls, instant forms, and websites. Therefore, leading to optimizations that vary on the choice of selecting a certain conversion event – start the trail, lead, schedule, submit, subscribe, and link clicks. Also, in this objective optional cost control can be set by the willingness to spend on pay per result.

Facebook Campaign With ODAX Using the App Promotion Objective

This objective focuses on promotion to convert people to install and continue using an App. Previously, ads manager had similar options which included automated and manual setups with a particular focus on the maximum number of downloads and higher reach. However, the optimizations include app installs (delivering ads to people who are likely to install the app), app events (a specific action is required to install the app once), and value (delivering ads to people for the maximum purchase value and return on ad spend). The optional cost control is only available on manual app promotion and for the automatic promotion, campaigns are optional bid control

Facebook Campaign With ODAX Using the Sales Objective

The Facebook sales objective has become more streamlined with ODAX. It considers the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service, which makes it ideal for our eCommerce clients. The new version is more focused on ensuring conversion and catalog sales. There are 4 options for conversion locations: Website (choose a sales-focused conversion that was configured in events manager), App (choose an app event ), Website and App, with Whatsapp or Messenger (preparation of acceptance of payments). Furthermore, the optimizations include impressions, landing page views, link clicks, or daily unique reach. Return on ad spend (ROAS) can be further adjusted accordingly to set an optional cost control that is by setting for value

How Campaign With ODAX Facebook is Beneficial for You

Meta ensures to upgrade your ad manager experience constantly with new optimizations and features – which has led to the introduction of ODAX. The clients at Mean3 get a cohesive digital marketing experience that allows them to better align their marketing strategy with effective execution. The optimizations at the ad level, allow further adjustments for your desired outcome. However, ODAX is yet to improve on certain aspects, the introduction of omnichannel tools is a welcome addition, once it is introduced, as it will improve the efficiency to handle multiple channels for our client’s campaigns

Mean3 and ODAX Facebook Ads Campaign

In regards to all the above information. ODAX Facebook Ads is yet to improve on certain aspects, and the introduction of Omni channel marketing tools will be greatly beneficial for eCommerce businesses. However, the streamlined ODAX system with its optimizations is a great tool for our clients. To better align your marketing goals with the help of ODAX, Book a free quote today

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