Shopify Segmentation and Marketing Automation Tools

Shopify uses Customer segmentation to segment or categorizes customers into groups based on similarities so businesses may appropriately and effectively market to each segment.

Shopify also allows marketing automation. On your Shopify Marketing page, automation may be created and managed. With automation, you may develop processes that email your consumers after a certain threshold or trigger has been reached.

How Mean3 integrates Shopify’s New Customer Segmentation and Marketing Automation Tools

At Mean3, we believe that the right time is the most important factor for an effective marketing campaign. What this essentially means is to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time. The existence of email marketing resonates with our approach – it is a significant channel to trace back and send the right message to the relevant audience, at the perfect time. Therefore, Shopify associates importance to this feature and has introduced new customer segmentation and marketing automation tools. Moreover, it has increased the number of free emails to 10,000 per month.

Shopify’s New Customer Segmentation

Shopify’s customer segmentation feature enables the business owners to group customers according to their behaviors and attributes. This makes Mean3 clients more aware of their customer journey backed by the data at each stage of the marketing cycle. Shopify has already automated segmentation for you without knowing within the customer section. These lists are not shifted into the customer segmentation section where they will be saved along with any groups you create. Another feature of this tool is that it keeps long-term maintenance at the forefront, due to the rapid change of customers. This enables the ability to save customer data according to the criteria of a saved segment and automatically remove them, if they no longer

Shopify’s Marketing Automation

Shopify’s marketing automation features enables the ability to email customers through certain triggers, such as store actions, purchase history or key milestones. This will fundamentally facilitate Mean3 clients to get in touch with their customers based on their activity, as through standard message templates one can miss the point of reaching a customer’s inbox. Consequently, this allows you the ability to choose Shopify’s dynamic templates based on your brand’s current assets, logos, color palettes and products. With further additions of conditions and timing. Moreover, welcome messages, upsell emails or a customer win-back campaign is set to go live with ease.


We at Mean3 have every confidence in the power of email marketing as a reliable supplement for your business. That is due to the steadiness of this channel as compared to others where they rapidly change, but we believe it is a direct line to your customer’s relationship with your business. Hence, the tools by Shopify’s new automation and segmentation tools ensure existing customer data helps you further engage with your customers. Book a Quote today to use these powerful tools to bring forth your business today. 



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